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XZG Firmware unifies the best innovations from previous Zigbee gateway projects into a single, comprehensive solution.

By focusing the community's efforts on enhancing one product, XZG aims to streamline development, thereby improving the capabilities and efficiency of your Zigbee Gateways. 🌍


Your insights, feedback, and collaboration are invaluable to us 🤝


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Join us in improving translating, enhancing documentation, or coding new features.


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XZG is licensed under GPL-3.0 License.
It's a strong copyleft license, meaning that any copy or modification of the original code must also be released under the GPL v3. In other words, you can take the GPL 3’d code, add to it or make major changes, then distribute your version. However, your version is subject to the same license requirements, meaning that it must be under GPL v3 as well — anyone can see your modified code and install it for their own purposes.